Are you Dana White?
Are you Ari Emanuel?
Do you work for the UFC?

Don’t worry. We’re not cybersquatters planning to demand millions of dollars off you for this domain.

We’re Cuckoo Events,
an Event Management company based in Dublin, Ireland.

We specialise in large event planning and Event Safety and we’re very good at what we do.

The next time you’re looking at a stadium show over here give us a shout. We work both with, and for, the local authority here regularly to run events in Dublin, many requiring the full application of S.I. No. 154/2001 - Planning & Development (Licensing of Outdoor Events) Regulations, 2001 under the Planning and Development Act, 2000.

Our Planning & Safety Team members have worked at the London Olympics 2012 & Glastonbury. We also regularly plan and manage large, public, mass-gathering events in Dublin and around Ireland too.

We’re also long-time MMA fans. We were shipping over Ultimate Submission and Ultimate Knockout DVDs from the States before Zuffa even bought the UFC back in the day.

We’d love to help you run a big show over here.

You can check us out over on where we've around 70 Case Studies of events we've run.

We’re not cybersquatting. We don’t intend to try charge you millions of dollars for this domain. That’s not our style. Get in touch at

Not a whole lot here for you so. Sorry.

That is, of course, unless you have a need for the services of one of Ireland’s top Event Management companies. We’re Cuckoo Events and we’re over at